i-XpwQvvX-XLANNE’s first documented foray into fiction was in 4th grade when she wrote a story about a group of orcas and dolphins in boy/girl pairs who were trying to figure out who was wreaking havoc in the local ecosystem. (Hint: it was the nefarious sea-gang, The Sharks.)

It combined her love of romance, humor, adventure, and suspense, and– little did she know– was setting the stage for a career that had nothing to do with marine biology and everything to do with living in imaginary worlds.

Now she’s writing paranormal romance, erotica, and erotic romance– lesbian, straight, menage, and moresomes… oh, my!– and can be counted on to break into geeky references to animated shows from the 90s and cult favorites like Boondock Saints, Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Sailor Moon.LoRes W Amanda-8003

Ye be forewarned.

Anne loves hearing from readers as well as fangirling over her own favorite authors. Feel free to join in!

[Author photos courtesy of Angela Faruolo Photography]

Anne is currently seeking representation.