Her Hesitant Tutor


** male/female, female/female, & f/f/m menage erotica  **

HHT branded

An experienced tutor’s doubts are holding her back. With time already such a precious commodity, can she leave room for new love?

Josephine Devereaux has too much on her plate. Her daughter is having a hard time following the injury of their dog and her ex drops in for a visit, looking to rekindle more than just their marriage. With his hands on her body, she’s reminded how much she loves the feel of a man in and on her but there’s just one problem—she can’t stop thinking of co-ed Francesca deLouise, whose innocence and easy trust sit too sweetly in her memory.

Called away for an emergency intercession on Camelot’s behalf, Jo finds herself in an opulent suite with a bride who’s having doubts about her sexuality on the eve before her wedding. With the girl’s husband-to-be looking on, it comes down to Josephine to either show the uncertain bride what she’s been missing… or reinforce that love knows no boundaries.

This story contains: very hot sex with an ex-husband, voyeurism, lesbian sex with a girl wearing her wedding gown, and an inventive threesome including a groom-to-be who thought he’d only watch. 18+


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Her Hesitant Tutor: Signature Required, Part 3

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