Her Cherry Tutor


* female/female erotica *

HCT branded

A young collegiate’s journey has begun. But how can she be sure it’s her tutor she really wants?

Francesca never knew her body was capable of experiencing so much pleasure—until Josephine Devereaux got her well-manicured hands in and on her. Now, she’s left reeling from the revelation that she might prefer women and doesn’t know what to do with the number Jo left in her hands.

A night that was supposed to be spent staring into the depths of her beer take a turn for the sexual when a fellow student picks up on her need from across the bar. With passions running high and the risk of fooling around in a public place getting her hotter, Fran can’t help but wonder if the magic with Jo wasn’t as electric as she remembers.

This story contains: lesbian sex, oral sex, fingering, sex in a public place, dirty talk, a troubled co-ed, and an inappropriate use of bar stools. 18+


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Her Cherry Tutor: Signature Required, Part 2

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