Girl Got Flu

A little more than a week after coming down with the flu, I’m still draggin’ ass. I want to crawl beneath my desk and fashion a pillow from my hoodie and wait out the end of the shift.

But adulting calls. So I cough into my elbow and the sleeve of my sweater and wash my hands at every opportunity and wish I’d downed my Emergen-C this morning.

Hoping for a little accountability with the renewal of this blog, which is why I’ll tell you that I packed my tennis shoes and walking clothes for after work. Can’t use the “but I have to go home and change” excuse, like I usually do. And since I’m supposed to be training for a 10K in early May, I’d better get on it.

Have to beat 16-minute/mile pace and my 10K buddy is around the 14-minute/mile mark already.

Back to a stack of data entry almost two inches deep. No writing until later.

Oh. I’m also going to start restricting my television watching to weekends only. That should increase writing output and studying for Japanese class. Or I’ll end up reading a metric ton of books. Either possibility is acceptable.

Sorry about the stream of consciousness nonsense. I’ve forgotten how to blog. But seeing as how today is March 1st, how ’bout we make this a 30 days of blogging challenge? Yeah, March has 31 days but one of those is my birthday so maybe I’ll take it off. Maybe I’ll get on a roll and not want to.

Gawd. I quit.

Tomorrow I’ll blog better.

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